Prime Beef Raised In TexasPrime Beef Raised In Texas

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Our Story

Who We Are

The Yee Yee brand was built by 3 brothers from Texas - Country music artist, Granger Smith, Tyler Smith and Parker Smith. Stemming from the notorious catchphrase, "YEE YEE", first yelled by Granger’s country boy alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr, we've sold millions of Yee Yee products across the world.

Why We're Different

We’ve always done things a little different. Some would say the hard way, we would say the right way. We don’t take shortcuts. Although un-popular in today’s world, our brand is a symbol for those who value faith, family, and the outdoors.

Where We're Going

To continue to be responsible stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with, provide the highest quality products, explore new ways to positively impact millions across the globe, and give back to those in need.

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Family owned & operated, 100% country, free returns and exchanges