Stemming from the catchphrase “YEE YEE” first yelled by Earl Dibbles Jr, Yee Yee was founded and is run by three brothers in Texas. Yee Yee is an outdoor lifestyle brand for hard working Americans who value faith, freedom, and the outdoors.

Companies today are moving further and further away from foundational American values that shaped the very freedoms we enjoy. They are free to do so, but we can also create an alternative.

Faith - Yee Yee is a company built on faith. We believe in the God of the Bible.

Family- We are a family owned and operated business. We believe the traditional family of one man and one woman is the core of society.

Outdoors- We grew up hunting and fishing. It’s in our blood. We are passionate about being good stewards of the land. 

Patriotism-  Yee Yee believes in the defense of our nation’s founding principles in a time of rampant progressive ideologies.

Blue Collar Lifestyle- Blue collar workers are the backbone of the American economy. We believe young men should be encouraged if they want to work trade jobs rather than in a cubicle.

Veterans- Freedom isn’t free. We honor and support all those who have served or are currently serving in the American military.