A Kentucky couple absolutely lost it when they weren't allowed to buy 23 cases of Mountain Dew


I'm sorry - I thought this was America, the greatest damn country in the entire world. One might ask why anyone would ever need 552 cans of Mountain Dew (ya, I did the math). Folks, desperate times call for desperate measures. There's no telling how long this couple might need to bunker down and I'll be damned if they're gonna go out without their favorite drink. Me? If I'm getting that much soda, I'm switching it up. We're snagging a case of Dr. Pepper, another case of Big Red, some Sprite...may even get real fancy with some IBC Root Beer - who knows? But the commitment to Mountain Dew here is off the charts.

P.S. you really have to respect the matching outfits. I won't even wear the same colored shirt to the grocery store with my girl. This couple is straight up balling out in the exact same outfit. That's love right there.


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