Are you suffering? Find your light!




Are you suffering? Find your light! 

It’s an anniversary. One year ago today we uploaded our first video to a new YouTube channel we call The Smiths. Making that commitment forced me to create in a space that wasn’t always about music (or funny country characters) and instead to tell a story about life. OUR LIFE.

But little did I know, I began documenting what was to become our most trying season that Amber & I would ever live.

There are many episodes that I still can’t watch. It’s not only difficult to see our family in such bliss in our loving home that we’ve since moved from, but maybe most of all it’s tough to see the old version of me. Maybe because I know now what he didn’t then. That version is no more than a reflection; a ghost from my past; a shell from this rebirth of self. I’m a little wiser now, a little more vulnerable, with a touch more humility.

But I also believe. Not the belief that things will be go according to how I WANT them to go. But the belief that things like TRUTH & FAITH & MEANING will prevail above chaos, suffering and darkness. That has nothing to do with living in some blissful bubble according to how WE want. It has nothing to do with avoiding the dark. Instead, it means shining LIGHT straight into the darkness head on and watching it disappear. Because that’s what happens to darkness when you shine light on it.

Are you suffering now? Can you feel darkness around you? Find the light. Hold on to it. It lives in such things as TRUTH, LOYALTY, HUMILITY, LOVE. Darkness cannot prevail amidst such things. 🙏🏼

Stay strong everyone.


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