ARISE WITH AMBER: Ask and you shall receive



New Arise With Amber episodes launch every Sunday at 8am CST!


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  • Thank you so much Amber. I would be interested in a YouTube Bible study. Born and raised Catholic and my husband and I are struggling with the guilt we have been raised with. He had stepped very far away and I am trying to hold on and teach our boys with anything joyful and loving based that I can. I would adore having some guidance while we are struggling to find our place in our faith. Can I make one request? Could you please link to that spray you used before you styled? It seemed to hold well but I could not read the label. Looking forward to your next episode 😁

  • I enjoyed your video this afternoon when I watched it. I look forward to future ones. I, too, developed extreme motion sickness after the birth of my children. Thanks for posting and sharing! 💙

  • My wife and I really enjoyed this. Thank you for making it. We both lost our jobs yesterday because of the Covid-19 lockdowns and your video was really refreshing to watch with all the bad news circulating around right now. We have been working to grow our faith this past year, and appreciate your devotional readings. Elicia really liked your hair tips too!

    James and Elicia

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