ARISE WITH AMBER: Ask and you shall receive



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  • Marsha McCabe

    Thank you for your words. Some days I worry that I am playing being a Christian and not actually living it. I try to pray off and on all day. I don’t read the Bible like I should, but I do try. I listen to many sermons throughout the day at work. I do have trouble sharing my faith. How do you deal with these doubts?

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  • Sunnie

    Thank you so much Amber. I would be interested in a YouTube Bible study. Born and raised Catholic and my husband and I are struggling with the guilt we have been raised with. He had stepped very far away and I am trying to hold on and teach our boys with anything joyful and loving based that I can. I would adore having some guidance while we are struggling to find our place in our faith. Can I make one request? Could you please link to that spray you used before you styled? It seemed to hold well but I could not read the label. Looking forward to your next episode 😁

  • Lori

    I enjoyed your video this afternoon when I watched it. I look forward to future ones. I, too, developed extreme motion sickness after the birth of my children. Thanks for posting and sharing! 💙

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