Cloth Helmet Masks: Football's Plan to Stop COVID





Here we go. The Performance Award Center out of Carrolton, Texas, has created a cloth mask that can directly attach to a football helmet. According to a report from a North Dakota State media member, the NDSU football program is one of the first programs in the country to purchase the cloth masks.

I've said it time and time again, when you really boil it down, there are two main things that I care deeply about in this life:

  1. Crushing Busch Lights in a body of water (lake, ocean, pool, bath tub - I don't discriminate) on a hot summer day
  2. Laying on the couch for 12 hours a day on Saturday's and Sundays in the fall, while watching every damn football game imaginable and eating my body weight in Pringles.

I am in support of literally anything that will ensure that we have football this fall. But I gotta say.... if my masks suffocates me while grocery shopping at Kroger, I'm not sure how a bunch of 300 lb. dudes are gonna run around for 3+ hours with a cloth strapped to their mouths. And if the masks are attached to the actual helmet, what about when they're on the sideline? Do players just not wear masks on the sideline? Do they have to keep their helmets on? Do they put on different masks when they go to the sideline?

Like I said, I support anything that gets us football in the fall and truckloads of Pringles in my belly. But, I'm not sure how this one's going to work. 


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  • Karen L Cooper

    How do I order the cloth football helmet masks. Thank you!

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