Did Florida Georgia Line just say Yee Yee???

I think they did. Florida Georgia Line just released their new song, "I Love My Country" and right at the end of the song, you can hear a "Yee Yee" battle cry from Tyler Hubbard, 1/2 of the duo along with Brian Kelley.

I love FGL but I REALLY love their party anthems. This is a good one and not just cause there's a good ole "Yee Yee" in it.

This song reminds us of one of those songs you'd jam on a late summer night in the backwoods while you're crackin' cold ones with your buddies. 



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  • Michael Kemp

    All I hear is “yeah my baby’s made for short skirts weather, she makes me wish summer would just go on forever.” I don’t hear originality!

  • Nadine

    They sure did! That’s awesome! Love your music! I love your music so much that when my 9 month old was a newborn and would be fussy, I’d put on some Granger and she’s stop crying. Her first word was dada……second word, we’ll Yee Yee, of course!

  • Anthony

    They sure did play (YEE-YEE) it’s a Granger Smith YEE-YEE tho.

    They added it in for support of what Granger and Amber are doing.

    I think it’s awesome.

  • Chris Schriner

    Trade marked!!!???

  • Amanda Jo Fisk

    They sure did!!! I heard it right away and thought heck yeah! A cool shout out to our Granger!

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