WATCH: Someone replaced all the wands with guns in Harry Potter

If you haven't seen the Harry Potter movies, what are you doing? One of the greatest series of our generation and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. If you haven't seen it, literally just turn your TV to USA Channel on any day of the week, at any time, and there's a 75% chance that one of the Harry Potter movies is playing. 

Sure, a lot of y'all probably think Harry is a nerd. Flying around on a broomstick, hangin' with house elves and pointing a wooden stick at bad guys while yelling jibberish words that would confuse even your drunken uncle.

But what if told you that instead of a wand, Harry was just firing off ammunition rounds everywhere? Violent? Sure. Unnecessary? Maybe. Cool as hell? Absolutely. 

After 5 years of work, someone on the internet replaced every single wand from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first film of the series, with a gun. And let me tell you - it is glorious. Introducing Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons. You can watch the entire movie here.

The internet stays undefeated once again.

EDIT: Warner Bros already removed the orirignal video for copyright violation (boo) so I found another one that some rando uploaded. There's a good chance that this one may get deleted too. 




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