LISTEN: Luke Combs' New Song

Stop me if you've heard this before but.... Luke Combs' new song is a banger. Luke has been playing a bunch of livestreams in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is where this video came from. 

My favorite lyrics from this song:

I'm just an ol' Carolina good ol' boy
Boys I ain't got no choice
I pick a little guitar in the evening
Wear Mossy Oak outta deer season
I couldn't be anybody but me, even if I tried
I used to wish I was, but I'm glad I'm not

I can't wait for this song to be recorded. Until then, playing the YouTube video of the acoustic version will have to do.



  • Nashanda Arnold

    I love you Luke combs I would love to meet you in person. I love all your music alot

  • Cassandra Laronge


  • Helen Rose

    Hey guys,
    Hope you’re all well!
    I am looking for 100% royalty-free + free-to-download sample packs and the sounds must be pretty cool!
    Do you know any hip-hop sample packs?

  • Dakota

    Yee Yee! Acoustic on repeat until it’s recorded! 🤍

  • Chris Spilman

    He just keeps getting better and better. Cant wait for all this to be over so I can go see a concert, YEE YEE

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