Man in Quarantine Builds Picnic Table for Squirrels and it's Very Cute


Source - A man has built a mini picnic table for squirrels to eat their food in his yard, and the heartwarming images have inspired others to take on similar projects while stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Rick Kalinowski, 43, from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, became an online star after photos of a squirrel happily dining at the picnic table went viral. The rodent-sized table is attached to his fence and has two benches so multiple squirrels can hang out at once.

'I built the picnic bench and mounted it outside my living room window on the fence so I can watch the squirrels eat while I have my coffee every morning,' the self-employed plumber said.

And it turns out, building squirrel picnic tables seems to have become the hot new hobby with a number of people proudly posting images of their creations on Twitter over the past few days.


This man is playing chess while I'm still playing checkers. Since quarantine began, I've been so bored that I bought an Xbox and played it like 3x (maybe) and then bought a plastic kiddie swimming pool for $24.99 at Wal-Mart. It barely holds water. 



Had I known all this time that all I need to entertain me for hours on end is a few blocks of wood, a drill and some seeds, I would have saved a lot of money.

Check out these other people's squirrel furniture pieces:



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