Quarantine Day 5: We made a warehouse zip line and if you are OSHA, you can stop reading now

Good news? It's Friday. Bad news? It's still a quarantine. It's almost like Friday's don't even mean anything when there's a quarantine going on. I really can't even remember the last time I saw the sun. In the beginning of this quarantine, on Monday, I was doing fine and actually getting quite a bit of work done. But, once we turned the corner on the back half of this week, it's been all downhill from there.
We hit rock bottom today....no pun intended.
Caleb, our Warehouse Manager, built a warehouse zip line. Let me tell you, this isn't one of those kiddy zip lines that your mom used to take you to at the local park where you MAYBE got like 2 feet of air. No, we don't do things halfway at Yee Yee. Caleb rigged this thing from the top of the warehouse ceiling which is 24 feet high. We placed some boxes at the end of the line and well....you can just watch the video to see what happened. 
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Quarantine Day 5 at the @yeeyeefarm

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Whew....talk about air. There was a moment where I thought that Caleb may actually overshoot the pile of boxes and in that case, this could've quickly turned from a fun morning into a disaster. That moment was riiiiiight about here:
This isn't the first time Caleb has done something like this and certainly won't be the last. Please be careful, buddy - we need you.
Meanwhile.... on the other side of the warehouse, Chris "Gainz" Lee, Granger's Tour Manager, has been going a little crazy with all this off-time not spent touring on the road, and hitting up random Anytime Fitness' across the country. If you follow Chris, you know that he himself is a singer (of sorts). He's up to something that we can't quite talk about yet but it involves a new song and an accompanying stop-motion music video. Y'all are really gonna enjoy this one.
And then, we've got Cooper, the office dog. If you aren't following Cooper on Instagram yet, make sure you go do that. He kinda sucks at posting but every once in while, there's some good stuff. And he's pretty cute. 
Now, Cooper is my dog so I see this little dude every day and let me tell you, he's never been so lazy in his entire, privileged life. I had to straight up carry him to the other room last night because he was being so lazy. There is no one that is enjoying this quarantine more than Cooper. He wakes up, he eats, he pees, he poops, he sleeps all day, eats again, pees, poops, and goes to bed. It's honestly just impressive at this point. This is what I have been staring at all day:
Not everything is absolutely terrible though. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, just passed a waiver that will allow restaurants and bars to deliver alcoholic drinks as long as you also order food.
This is the best news I've heard since this whole thing began. My only question is what constitutes as a "food purchase"? Because, if that law is loosely interpreted, I will be calling On The Border and ordering a delivery of 1 tortilla and 6 margaritas later this evening.
So if you need me this weekend, I will be sipping poorly-made margaritas, imagining I'm on a beautiful beach and not locked indoors. Y'all be safe and wash your damn hands. 


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  • Peggy

    These emails are what’s keeping me going. The zipline though…..that is admirable GOALS 👌👌👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    YEE YEE!
    Love from Wisconsin!

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