Ranking the Craziest People on Tiger King


I just finished Tiger King on Netflix and oooooohhhh boy. What a show. Every time, I thought "there's no way this can get any crazier", it, of course, took an insane turn even further into the strange world of Joe Exotic. I don't think I've ever watched a anything with a more weird group of characters. This takes the cake. It seems like a travesty to even try and rank the craziest of this crew but we're gonna take a shot at it. 





10. Rick Kirkham

Throughout the series, Kirkham, producer of the web series Joe Exotic TV, rails around 30 cigarettes per episode and is really the closest thing we find to a "normal" person in the series. In the same breath, Kirkham was also fired from his previous job at Inside Edition for being addicted to crack cocaine. He once set himself on fire so...."normal"? Eh... I suppose for this show.


9. Josh Dial

Dial was introduced in the later part of the series as a young individual with aspirations of a career in politics. Joe Exotic hired Dial as his "campaign manager" when Joe was gunning for President of the United States in 2016 and Governor of Oklahoma in 2018. One of my favorite parts about this entire series is that Joe Exotic found Dial because he was a clerk of the gun department at the local Wal-Mart. You know - just making a normal career change from selling guns and fishing licenses to becoming a campaign manager for a middle-aged, gay, gun-toting, big cat zoo manager with a mullet. What a resume for our boy, Josh.

Also, this dude somehow managed to get Joe Exotic 19% of the votes for Governor. Maybe that was just the Libertarian nomination but still.....if you've seen this show, you know that Joe Exotic pulling 19% of any type of nomination is frankly incredible.




7. Allen Glover

Man, I did not like this guy. Allen is basically Jeff Lowe's righthand man and it is thought that he was the one that Joe Exotic paid to get rid of Carole Baskin. This guy is a pretty terrible person but did provide one of the best "WTF" moments when he took a bath in an interview....with a bandana on....and his shorts. And I'm pretty sure he was hammered as well. Absolutely savage move by the producers of Tiger King to take advantage of that situation and moment. 




6. John Finlay

I am convinced this guy doesn't own a shirt. One of Joe Exotic's husbands, every time he is interviewed throughout the series, my dude is just chilling in his chair with no shirt. I guess you spend that much money on tats, you wanna show them off but damn, John - you think you'd want to at least put on a tank top before getting interviewed. 



Also, for everyone talking about John's teeth, you'd be happy to know that he got implants recently. Congrats John!




5. Doc Antle

Man, what an absolute weirdo. With a soul patch that would make Howie Mandel jealous and like 17 wives, this guy could easily have his own documentary.

Plot-twist: Doc was actually a tiger handler In Britney Spears' 2001 VMAs Performance

Source - Before “Tiger King” became a water-cooler sensation, a key character in Netflix’s bizarre true-crime documentary had his own moment in the spotlight.

“Tiger King” enthusiasts discovered that Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, an animal trainer who worked closely with series’ central character Joe Exotic, had a surprising connection to Britney Spears. As fate would have it, Antle was on stage with the pop star during her infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance in 2001, where Spears was draped in a seven-foot long python to sing “I’m a Slave 4 U.” In the performance, which has since cemented its place in pop culture, Antle can be seen standing in a cage handling tigers.




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4. Mario Tabraue

This guy thought he was getting away with just being a subtle secondary character on the show, which, in a lot of ways....he did. But, when they said he was the inspiration for Scarface, I had to rewind just to make sure I heard correctly. Here is another guy that just straight up needs his own movie. This man was a kingpin, got 100 years in prison, beat the case and now he breeds exotic animals. Give me a movie on Mario Tabraue ASAP. It's not a want, it's a NEED.




3. Jeff Lowe

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Never trust a guy in an Affliction shirt. Jeff seems like the guy that refuses to wear anything BUT Affliction. Just has a packed closet full of frayed shirts, rhinestone jeans and black leather jackets. 

This guy probably has the most questionable, sketchy past of all characters in the show and that's saying a lot. His backstory includes illegally carrying lion and tiger cubs in suitcases into Vegas hotels, being a swinger, and a history of domestic abuse with his former wife. He really is the ultimate villain in this series.





2. Carole Baskin

She did it, right? This lady definitely killed her husband. I'm convinced that there's no way she didn't do it. I've been hearing her horrible laugh in my nightmares for over a week now. Can't seem to shake it.


1. Joe Exotic

There's a lot to unpack here. Like a lot, a lot. I'm not going to be able to break down every single insanely crazy thing about this human being. You can watch the show for that. A few of the high notes...

  • Ran for president in 2016, then followed it up by running for governor of Oklahoma in 2018 and earning 19% of the Libertarian vote.
  • Take your pick at any of his random country music videos. My favorite has got to be “Here Kitty Kitty”.
  • Convinced two straight guys to enter into a polygamous three-way marriage 
  • Really loved blowing up and shooting stuff (that's actually cool)
  • He went to prison because he tried to kill a lady (not cool)





In conclusion: 


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