WATCH: Snake Shows up in Man's Toilet

Never pooping again. Is nothing sacred anymore? 

Gus West, out of Abilene, Texas recently posted a video on Twitter of a snake emerging from underwater in a toilet.

Our boy, Gus, then proceeds to poke at the snake with a damn pitching wedge. Very interesting choice to try and fish this thing out with a pitching wedge. I know everyone may say that you don't *need* a samurai sword but I gotta tell ya - this really seems like the perfect opportunity to put one of those bad boys to work.

Another question for y'all - you have to move after this, right? If that's my toilet, that house is on the market the next day and we're jumping on the first offer we get. Terrible financial decision? Possibly. But, you really can't put a dollar amount on avoiding a surprise snake bite to the junk (in my humble opinion). 


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