Live Like Riv

As some of you may have heard, Granger Smith’s youngest son River Kelly Smith died in a tragic accident on June 6, at the age of 3. So many of you asked for ways to help, and we thought, what better way than to create a shirt in memory of River with all the proceeds going to Dell Childrens Medical Center, the hospital that cared for him before he passed.

"Because of all of you - our friends, family, Yee Yee nation family - we were able to donate over $218,000 to Dell Children. Thank you doesn’t quite seem to cut it. This is just the beginning of something special. We are committed to bringing light from the darkness for years to come.

Riv was loved by so many and we will continue to spread love, positivity, awareness, and God’s glory in his name. If our message helps just one other family, then it’s worth it. We have felt so much love and have seen our community come together in such a special way, and I truly believe God has a plan and this is setting off a “chain reaction of holy passion” (a lyric from one of my kiddos favorite songs) - and isn’t that our overall mission in this life? To spread love and share our faith in honor of Him? ✝️ 🙏❤️ Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone of you who bought our shirt 🚜"

-Amber Smith (Riv’s Mom)